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all of the content below is produced by Hatde

Bring your projects to life with 3D characters, ready for use in film, your social media, games, interactive experiences… Promote your brand with premium-quality Mascot. They are great for humanizing your brand. Virtual KOLs is an increasingly popular way of connecting with audiences, particularly young audiences.


We take one of our characters as an example below. This content will give you a good understanding of the design and the step-by-step process to complete a character.


There is a pipeline like below. So, let us start with 2D sketch.

3D Clay Sculpture

From these 2D drawings, we will sculpt statues that fit the aesthetic and marketing requirements. This will be the basic pose of the character. Although this step does not have much color and detail, it is a very important step, as it determines the overall shape of the character when transitioning to 3D.

3D Character First Seen

After the character's statue is completed, we will proceed to color and detail the character. In this step, customers will be given more comments on small details on the character.

Depending on the type of character, this step may take longer or less time to do it.

Results With More Emotion

So the overall shape, colors and details of the character are done. We continue with the basic emotions of the character. At this stage, our character has started to come to life.

Here, customers can comment on the character's personality to suit marketing goals

Chim Lac LHU_02.jpg

Final Render With All Emotions And Backgrounds

In this step, the character will be rendered with very high quality standards. Depending on the goal of the project, we will maybe have a background behind character.

Benefits of working with us

1. The default deliverables for each package include

  • Source file (*.Blender)

  • High-quality renders image

  • High-quality 3D video (Characters in 360° videos)

  • Video Tutorial: Tutorials built specifically for your character.

2. In addition to the high-quality character you get, you also have the following special benefits


    • You can proactively pose and render character images depending on the marketing campaign. Now, using a 3D character feels like playing with a puppet in your hands.

    • You can proactively manage or recruit staff to utilize the character based on job information from the video we provided, without relying on external partners.


    • Save on outsourcing costs.

    • Save time preparing characters for marketing campaigns.

    • Save on software costs: Source file on Blender software, free to use.

3. In case you still want us to be in charge of the character's content, please discuss with us.

Level of Detail

We offer 7 different levels of character for you to choose from, so you can find the right one that fits you best. Each with a different price depending on the amount of effort put in the work.

However, note that low-budget characters can still be beautiful. We don't make a low quality products even if it's low cost.

You should review the workflow, according to the summary below



  • Modeling: 1/5

  • Texturing/Material: 1/5

  • Rigging: 1/5

  • Hair/Fur FX: None​

  • Lighting & Rendering: 5/5​

Note: The character is simple but still beautiful in its style



  • Modeling: 4/5

  • Texturing/Material: 3/5

  • Rigging: 4/5

  • Hair/Fur FX: 3/5​

  • Lighting & Rendering: 5/5​



  • Modeling: 2/5

  • Texturing/Material: 1/5

  • Rigging: 2/5

  • Hair/Fur FX: None​

  • Lighting & Rendering: 5/5​



  • Modeling: 4/5

  • Texturing/Material: 4/5

  • Rigging: 4/5

  • Hair/Fur FX: 4/5​

  • Clothes with high detail

  • Lighting & Rendering: 5/5​



  • Modeling: 2/5

  • Texturing/Material: 2/5

  • Rigging: 2/5

  • Hair/Fur FX: 1/5​

  • Lighting & Rendering: 5/5​



  • Modeling: 5/5

  • Texturing/Material: 5/5

  • Riggin: 5/5

  • Hair/Fur FX: 5/5​

  • Clothes with very high detail

  • Lighting & Rendering: 5/5​



  • Modeling: 3/5

  • Texturing/Material: 3/5

  • Rigging: 3/5

  • Hair/Fur FX: 2/5​

  • Lighting & Rendering: 5/5​



  • Export more pictures from characters

  • Create more pose for the character

  • More Video for Characters

  • Instructions/Support for using File

  • More character accessories

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