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Roblox UGC items with hatde

All UGC items you see in pictures above maked by hatde​.

​​​Send us your concept art. We will provide you with fully functional Roblox avatar items with all type: Layer Clothing, Rigid Assesories, Classic Clothing, Avatar Character... in .rbxl format, along with their fbx and texture files. You only need to publish the assets on the Marketplace. We have a comprehensive understanding of the production process and the capability to swiftly resolve any issues that arise during UGC item production.​

You can request any style you desire. We can make from 10 to 1000+ items monthly for you, or any quantity you require. If you place an order for a smaller quantity, you will still receive a competitive price. Notably, renowned brands like Adidas, Ripple, The Voice, MU, BBC, DKNY... have utilized Roblox items produced by us.​​​

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First, we will trial produce 2 UGC items (Layered Clothing and Rigid Accessories). Please submit 2 concepts according to the specifications (each sample requires only 1 photo, whether hand-drawn or AI-generated, with annotations). If you wish to add a logo, special characters, text, etc., to any position, simply annotate it on the image.




Payment will only be accepted upon approval of the final products.


Therefore, we recommend using A.I. tools such as Midjourney or DALL-E to create concept art samples according to your preferences. Please include 1 sample of Layered Clothing and 1 sample of Rigid Accessories, each properly formatted with annotations (either hand-drawn or A.I. generated, with one image per sample). Once submitted, we will proceed to produce them for your review. If there are any delays in the concept creation process, we can offer additional guidance.

After the trial production of the 2 sample items is approved, we will provide the onboarding process.


1. Here is a video about the process of creating concept art. You can use any software that you want to create concept images. Please make sure they are in as high resolution as possible.

2. We will provide you with a cloud storage service link. You will proactively create 4 folders for the 4 weeks of the month to upload concept art images into.







The concept art images should be named using the following format: Item_Name-SequenceNumber.png




2. Upon the delivery deadline, we will notify you via Discord. Please watch this video bellow.

  • Log in to Roblox Studio and navigate to the fitting room either created by us or you. We have listed all items for the MONTH here.  

  • Press Play button, select the character you need (items should fit properly on the body with no major issues), use keys to navigate to the items to test. For items without issues, you can immediately publish them to the Marketplace.  

  • Capture images and report any issues via Discord. If an item is not listed in your error report, it means they have passed.

3. We will send the original files of the approved items to the previously created Cloud link according to the delivery batch each week. Each item will have its own folder including: *.fbx (model), *.png (texture).


4. Approved items will be included in the invoice for payment. Items with issues will be corrected in the following week and included in the invoice along with items from that week.



   • Completed items: *.rbxl

   • 3D model: *.fbx

   • Texture: *.png


Therefore, you can adjust various aspects of the products according to your needs.

Roblox UGC.png
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To be objective, you can watch the video below; it is a raw, unedited clip intended to illustrate a few of the thousands of items produced each month. Out of respect and in adherence to confidentiality agreements with our partners, we have blurred the store's name. Therefore, we kindly ask for your understanding. Nevertheless, this video ensures you will understand how we can accomplish everything.

Roblox UGC.png
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We will sent you the service quotation in the attached file with mail. We can sign a NDA and provide a full invoice. Payment twice/month.


On the 15th and 30th of each month, approved items will be invoiced and sent to you as draft invoices. After you review and confirm the details, we will issue the official invoice. Payments can be made via bank transfer. Note: All payments will be accompanied by legally valid company invoices.



   10% discount applies to long-term partnership contracts of 12 months or more with a minimum quantity of 500 items/month.

   15% discount applies to long-term partnership contracts of 12 months or more with a minimum quantity of 800 items/month.

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